Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy your stroll through our lemur galleries and find the perfect content to meet your needs. Scroll down, and you will find galleries filled with photos of each of the beautiful lemur (and loris!) species we are actively breeding, as well as information on recent births and happenings around the Lemur Center. Staff photographer David Haring has been documenting our lemurs for over 30 years, and his photos have been featured in many popular publications, journal articles, calendars and websites. He has the world's largest collection of photographs of the world's largest collection of lemurs!

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The Duke Lemur Center is the world's leading facility for the captive care and study of earth's most endangered mammals - lemurs, native only to Madagascar. The Center houses the largest colony of lemurs outside of their island home. We offer students, scientists and the general public the opportunity to visit and learn about these amazing creatures.

The mission of the Duke Lemur Center is to promote research and understanding of prosimians and their natural habitat as a means of advancing the frontiers of knowledge, to contribute to the educational development of future leaders in international scholarship and conservation and to enhance the human condition by stimulating intellectual growth and sustaining global biodiversity.

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Duke Lemur Center 50th Anniversary!

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Created 1-Dec-16
Modified 1-Dec-16
Duke Lemur Center 50th Anniversary!

200903 Drea gallery

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Created 28-Aug-21
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200903 Drea gallery

Fitch Snyder loris photos

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Created 12-Mar-21
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Fitch Snyder loris photos

Lazy Lemurs May 21

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Created 18-May-21
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Lazy Lemurs May 21

L catta for Granatosky

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Created 6-Aug-21
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L catta for Granatosky
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