Duke Lemur Center | Not so recent births: Our geriatric lemurs
Created 7-Mar-13
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The larger bodied lemurs (Varecia, Eulemur, Propithecus, Daubentonia) can live to be well into their 30s. Even the diminutive mouse and dwarf lemurs can live into their 20s (our dwarf lemur Jonas will be 29 June, 2014, an almost unbelievably ripe old age for such a small animal). With their nearly ubiquitous cataracts and somewhat ragged fur, geriatric lemurs (those over 25 years old) cannot compare with young animals in the beauty department, but what they lack in eye appeal, they more than make up for in character. Our older animals are among the most popular to care for among our technician staff, and all Lemur Center animals, no matter what their age, receive the same top quality care from cradle to grave.
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