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Created 6-Sep-16
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0097LcX2B2.4 two catta feeding on hickory buds lighter0103LcX1B1.1 lemur with full tail leaning on golden post calendar 20040104LcX2A3.3 vertical on dogwood0188EmmX2A1.4 honeysuckle flower0443Efs1B1.2 Sanford's lemur female free ranging DUPC hi res0634LcX2A1.1 bipedal dogwood flower0680LtX5.2.4 with trumpet creeper hr OSF0726NcX4C1.2 slow loris dangling upside down0744NpX5A1.3 Pima on vertical full body0761PddX1B1.2 romeo stretch0772PpX1B1.1 Perodicticus potto full body OSF0775Pt 6197 agrippa or 6729 valens NHE 1.810781PtX1A2.2 agrippa dangling by hands from branch0977PvvX1.5 bipedal OSF1000TsX2C1.1with lizard in mouth OSF1003TsX2C1.5 mandarin eating katydid OSF1043VvvX5A2.5 black and white infant and mom1385Efr5B2.2 mother infant07579DMH_0297-2Pvc NHE3 group

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