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0094DmX5D6.5 big earred hand raised animal in container0122HgX2B3.1 feeding bamboo0187EmmX2A1.1 female with orange flrs 2002 calendar0195Pt2B1.3 titus single leaf0222PtX1E1.3 step sitters0225PtX2A1.3 mimosa flower0380EB1.2 bamboo lemur with infant on back one eye visible0409EfcX1E1.8 two male collared lemurs in DUPC forest hi res0419EfrX1A1.3 two females hr OSF0438EfrX5.2.5 juvenile hr0452Em1A1.2 side by side male and female calendar 20050509EmX2A2.5 mongoose lemur female honeysuckle calendar 20030568GmX2A1.5  bushbaby with persimmon OSF0618Lc3C2.1 male scent marking0668Lt4B1.20 dangling adult0690McX2A2.3 mirza licking red berries (dogwood) high res OSF0710More  facts DmX5C3.30716NCX2A1.3 slow sniffing flower OSF0755Pdd1B2.1 romeo sitting on branch0771PpX1A1.4 potto face with fingertips OSF

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